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Debut Single "Paralyzed"


T​his song was inspired by my current experiences with Lyme Disease which has left me with  problems with my legs, esophagus, eyes, and other areas within my neurological system. It tells the story of my struggle not only with Lyme disease but also with my past illness of A.D.E.M (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) which left me in a wheel chair for just about a year  when I was thirteen years old.I  resided in a children's hospital where I relearned how to walk. I  hope to bring awareness to the world about how debilitating and serious Lyme Disease is. I am also hoping this song can inspire and encourage people to face any  obstacles they may be going through. REMEMBER: You are strong! You can fight! You are not Paralyzed! I recently made my television debut on NBC "TODAY" Show as national radio host "Elvis Duran's Artist Of The Month"!

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